Eric O’Conner Profile.

O’Conner (meaning patron of warriors)

Military changes that led to Eric’s position.
Since the none of the normal military branches had the experience needed for space exploration, a new branch was created as our curiosity lead us further into the black void of the universe.

The Deep Abyss Reconnaissance Command branch was created, it is known as DARC

With a new branch, came new roles, and a new kind of soldier that was required to aide in more complex rescue missions. The AP PJ’s where born. The AP PJ’s are a specially trained group of Pararescuemen who gained their name from the Latin phrase, Animus Perditus, they are known in the ranks by the english translation, ‘Lost Souls’.

Similar the Airforce’s Pararescuemen or PJ’s (parajumpers), these soldiers train for years to become the most elite individuals that any military has to offer. Not only are they trained in various strategic and survival techniques, but they are also extremely intelligent. The ability to perform complex mathematical equations on the fly allows them to complete a variety of tasks such as sniping enemies at long range in different gravitational evironments, equating the time before a hull breach would lead to a total loss of oxygen, or landing a space craft which is not fully functional. They can are experts in various vehicles operations, from small personal craft, to automobiles or even space ships of different sizes. They are extensively trained in a large varity of weapons, hand to hand combat, and specialize in advanced field medical training and basic psychology.

The men chosen for this position understand that often times the probability of getting killed on a mission is incredibly high, and still proudly accept the role of a ‘Lost Soul’, knowing full well their actions or sacrifice could save lives. Their missions mostly involve the retreval of civilians or military personel that are injured or stranded in area’s that are to dangerous for normal rescue teams. Even though humans have not yet found any existance of alien life, the military wanted to ensure that it’s most elite and intelligent soldiers are sent into situations that could at some point be the cause of an unknown enemy combatant.

Because of the intense physical and mental stress of being a AP, the soldiers are tested twice during a 12 month period. These tests are administered at random, and are played out like normal missions with military psychologists and medical personel playing the roles of the targets in need of help. These tests, like real world missions, can last up to weeks at a time. While the AP’s are aware that these tests happen, it is never revealed to the AP what is and isn’t a test. If the recondsideration of the AP’s title is prevelant, then they are pulled from active duty, monitored and evaluated for no less then 12 months.

Psychology of a Lost Soul.
These men are type A perfectionists. With the exception of the chain of command, they will not take orders from anyone, but are intelligent enough to weigh strategic options by information obtained through non military personel or lower ranked soldiers. They are obsessive when it comes to intel and always have a several back up plans in place during any mission should multiple issues arise. They are ready and willing to destroy threats by any means neccessary, which includes self sacrifice if need be. Their primary focus is the safety of the people they are sent to extract or support, and like their younger PJ brothers in the Airforce, the Lost Souls follow a strict code of “So others may live.”

Eric O’Conner’s Personal Life
Eric O’Conner is a second generation AP. Eric was born in Boston to an Irish woman named Mary. Eric’s father Brian O’Conner, met and fell in love with Mary while stationed in Dublin. Brian, was at the time, training local forces to fight back against the IRA as a United States Green Beret. A two century dead war flamed up due to high taxation and continued harassment of law enforcement by an underground cult of “true” IRA patriots. Brian broke several uniformed codes of military justice to get Mary safely out of the country, and later found out that she was pregnant. Eric, grew up knowing his father from occassional visits over the years and the stories his mother told him. Brian did not want the military life he knew for his son. When Eric turned 18, and the urban war still raging on, he joined the Army against his fathers wishes, hoping to understand and possibly do his part to finish, the event that kept his father absent for a great deal of his life.

After his first tour, Eric was recruited by the Rangers and then subsequently the Green Berets just like his father. Missions that he was a part of, and eventually orchestrated, led to the end of the “true” IRA war that lasted over two decades. After Ireland, Eric served time in more discrete conflicts in Africa and Russia, running Black Ops teams. Meanwhile, Brian, who was a war hardened soldier and leader from 20 years of fighting in Ireland, was recruited for a newly formed branch of the military. DARC was created and Brian was intigral in developing the AP PJ program. After orchestrating various missions into space as an AP PJ Commanding Officer, and becoming an instructor there after, Brian once again tried his hardest to convince his son to stay away from DARC. He pulled strings with every politician and Military official he could, but given Eric’s impeccable service record in Ireland, as well as Africa and Russia after the war, he was quickly recruited into the AP PJ’s program. Eric’s obssesive need to understand not only his personal limits but also the experiences of his father pulled him deep into the program.

A year after Eric’s appointment of the AP title, he had run more then 20 mission into space and performed flawlessly on both of his biyearly exams. Eric’s steadfast commitment reason, and genuinly caring for the people he rescued in his missions made him a perfect candidate for Project Aspire. Realizing that he could not change his sons mind and understanding that he was a far better soldier then himself, Brian advocated Eric for the postion. Eric was unaware of this, and the thought that his father never saw him as an equal still plagued his mind. Brian new this false information and constant fight to reach something that Eric thought was unobtainable, would help him be a better soldier then he ever new and never allow him to comprimise his standards

Project Aspire
Project Aspire is an initiative that was formed in the year 2215 after United Command recorded an unknow signal known as the Space Bloop. Though the creation of a ship with an FTL drive on board had been in the works for decades, the United Command moved a large amount of funds to Project Asipire to make it a reality. By 2225 a ship and most of the crew where assembled to make contact with the source of the signal which Command believed to be created by intelligent life. Eric, was the last member to be pulled on board due to DARC and the AP position still being young. The United Command wanted to make sure they had the perfect candidate to protect the crew and make morally logical, and properly strategic decisions in the event that things went bad. After Brian’s recommendation, the project was moved forward and Eric was pulled from duty and informed of his new mission.

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