Cole (engineer)

Cole would always take things apart and put them back together. This began when he was old enough to walk. First toy cars and then guns and bombs. His parents were trapped inside Israel. What was a two week vacation turned into a lifetime in hell. The great blockade of 2191. Israel cut itself off from the world filling its cities and streets with soldiers. Those that didn’t fight for the cause were deemed outcasts. Centuries of civil war had finally reached its climax.Outcasts were nothing but wannabe refugees and resistance fighters, those that weren’t used in target practice or dragged to camps had no choice but to pick up arms. Cole’s parents wanted him to have a good childhood but they couldn’t stand by and watch as the country they became forced to call home tore itself apart. After his mother was killed in a bombing Cole moved around following his father from one underground camp to the next. He learned at a young age how to shoot, how to live off the land, and how to survive. His father was well educated and taught his son as much as he could. The most important lesson though was to never feel trapped, never let the world become too much. Together every night Cole and his father would stare at the stars memorizing constellations and even making up new ones. Cole was still trapped. He would gaze at the wall that covered the border higher then the eye could see. He needed out.

By fifteen Cole could take apart anything, disarm bombs, and he could even hack and hotwire most cars. The assembly and disassembly of guns though that was his job in the resistance. He wasn’t a fighter by nature, he wanted to explore and discover new things. Behind the wall there was only violence and pain.

Finally by age seventeen the wall was torn down. The fight was over. The United Nations had finally had enough and Israel was put under their complete control. Cole was given his freedom.

Cole left with his father to France. There he studied physics, astronomy, engineering. At first his plan was to become an architect. He dreamt of helping engineer and construct the domes of Mars. Cole continued to feel trapped. No matter where he went he still felt like he was behind a wall running for his life. Some nights he would wake up screaming looking for the stars but would only see the black dull ceiling. No place he lived ever felt like home. Home to Cole was an ever changing sky. He was four years into his education when he wrote his thesis on slipstream drives an idea that always fascinated him since childhood. The assembly and dissembling of time and space. Most nights it was all he could think about.

Cole was a prodigy. A year after graduating with high honors Cole’s father passed away. Devestated he began taking dangerous jobs leading him to finally begin work for D.A.R.C. as a freelancer. After a few crash courses in piloting Cole was a great fit for rescue missions and being the go to man at the space docks for repairs and maintenance. The ins and outs of rockets and starships became second nature.

By this time Cole had grown into a man. He was tall with a small build weighing less than 190 Ibs. He shaved daily but kept a goatee like his father had when he was a child. It reminded him of the world he grew up in something he vowed never to forget. He was tired of Earth and the fatigue could be seen in his blue eyes. He wanted to go further. He dreamt of seeing the stars him and his father would look up at. When rumor was out about a working slipstream drive Cole tracked and found the company responsible.

Given his expertise, training, and education Cole became a top candidate for project aspire. He signed on as engineer. The maintenance of the brand new starship, weapons, and pods became his work. Surprisingly much of it seemed based off his thesis. It didn’t take much for Cole to land the job. He was finally free and could leave the wall that was Earth forever. It was in the darkness of empty space Cole was most at home.

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