Amanda (Anthropologist)

28 years old

Amanda is bookish but pretty, in a librarian sort of way. She has red hair with delicate features and large green eyes. She is slim and coltish with few curves, but a passion for swimming has given her an athletic build. She wears glasses, more as a badge of honour than for any other reason, since she came for a poor family from the slums from the second depression outside of London and would never have been able to afford the expensive surgery to fix her sight. Working as a typist at the bank conglomerate City & Goldman, she put herself through school, earning herself a double blues in Anthropology at Cambridge University. She became the world’s leading expert on ancient peoples, specialising in the tribes of Papua New Guinea and the Amazon. When she was first commissioned for the mission she refused, since she had spent the past few years studying the last tribes of the world, protecting the amazon with all the political clout an educated westerner she could muster, using her connections from Cambridge, including the British Prime Minister, to prevent the companies that lobbied to use it for lumber, who argued the oxygen plants in southern India were an adequate substitute. It was only the offer from the mysterious financier of the mission to provide a national park, made up of 1000 square kilometers of prime rainforest that persuaded her to change her mind. Now, she finds herself thrown into a world she does not know, taken away from her articles and treatises and thrown into a cramped ship. She has little experience with men, being too busy to ever have a serious relationship, yet somehow this expedition has woken something in her, a desire to be adventurous rather than the shy woman who hid behind her words and morals; an excuse to never take responsibility for her own life.

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