What is www.startwritingabook.com and why have you come here?

Maybe you found our site on a search engine.  Maybe you found our site by word of mouth.  Maybe you found our site on Facebook or Twitter.

However you found this page, it is clear that we all have a similar interest.

Writing a book.

Start Writing a Book is a collaborative project between 3 authors, Taran Matharu, Jason Kucharik, and Stephen Laundry.

Taran had the idea of writing a book with several different authors, giving the reader different viewpoints from various characters, that are clearly written in different styles. Taran and I (Jason) met on a Sci Fi Authors group on facebook, and started talking about our books and interests. After realizing we were quite like minded, and that we enjoyed throwing ideas around, Taran invited me to work on Project Aspire with him. Project Aspire, is the name that Taran had given to the collaborate project. Since I had a website called www.startwritingabook.com, it seemed perfect that we use it to track our progress. Shortly after, we became close with another author who is talented artist named Stephen Laundry.